Teknolight operate a comprehensive quality assurance system accredited by latest ISO9001:2008 standard covering the design, development, manufacturing, supply, testing and servicing of our lighting products.
As a leading international supplier Teknolight is dedicated to quality. Our attention to detail and quality as well as the selection of high-quality components results achieving efficient, reliable over many years:
To ensure success in today’s competitive and fast-evolving international markets requires us to continually challenge pre-conceived ideas; to constantly improve what we do and how we do it; and to systematically manage and monitor our products and processes.

Our quality assurance system encompasses customer-related processes, design and development, purchasing, and product & service provision. The quality system is further evidence of our commitment to customer satisfaction, and demonstrates our determination to monitor, control and continually enhance the processes that determine the quality of our products and service.

Quality policy
Our aim at Teknolight is to design, manufacture and supply to our clients, equipment of high and consistent quality on the required date and at a fair price.
Quality is paramount to this aim.
Quality in all respects – in our designs and manufactured equipment, in our manner of business and ethics, in our relationships with our customers and suppliers and all those individuals, companies and bodies with whom we deal and interact.

GOST R certificate and declaration services from SGS – ensures your products comply with Russian safety regulations.
Certificate of conformity GOST R (also known as quality certificate, State Standard Certificate, clearance certificate, GOST R certificate and etc.) – is a document, issued in accordance with the rules of certification system in order to confirm correspondence of quality and safety of certified to the stated requirements, applicable standards (GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEEC, GOST R ISO and etc.)
The UkSEPRO certificate proves conformity of products with standards and technical rules which are demanded by the government of Ukraine.
There are products which are liable to the mandatory certification. It is not possible to export and distribute them without the Certificate in system UkrSepro.
Teknolight attained ISO9001:2008 certification since March 2012.
This was achieved by the expansion of our recently attained Environmental management system to include procedures for quality management. Certification was achieved following a rigorous independent assessment of the company’s quality management policy, compliance with legislation, control systems and procedures, and targets for further improving quality of service to our clients.